About Me


Illya Shpetrik

Fashion designer, environmentalist and conservation champion Illya Shpetrik is a fashion designer like no other. His concepts are simple and timeless, but his outlook is more forward-looking than any other. Illya Shpetrik’s core belief when it comes to fashion is that the environment comes first and fashion second. You will therefore never find a single Illya Shpetrik piece of clothing or fashion item dumped anywhere in the world, a true source of pride for the designer.


What I Do

Illya Shpetrik was born in the 1980s, at a time of consumer excess. He has created a uniquely innovative and sustainable fashion label worn by those with a love of the world around us. Illya Shpetrik holds many causes close to his heart, none more so than the planet, the oceans and the world we will bestow to our children. Illya Shpetrik still loves in the USA and only works with companies and brands that share his passion and drive for eco and economic success. Illya has a drive that means he is at the top of his game, with charity his drive…


Who is Illya Shpetrik?

Illya Shpetrik was born into a normal family in England, his mother a store worker and his father a financial services worker. Illya has a keen interest in the environment an has various passion projects which drive him and his fashion label, Illya Shpetrik Fashion.


Illya Shpetrik Fashion: Done Differently

The Illya Shpetrik Fashion label is a truly unique fashion label that shuns ‘fast-fashion,’ opting for ‘sustainable sartorial standards.’ Illya Shpetrik is more than just a brand you wear. The Shpetrik brand is a name every wearer and partner can be proud of.


Meaningful Standards

Being sustainable is more than just a friendly statement. To be meaningfully sustainable, Illya Shpetrik is committed to cleaning up and maintaining the environment and all ecosystems around us. The world we give to our children and grandchildren should be better that how we found it.


Shpetrik Fashion: A Caring Partner

Illya Shpetrik Fashion will only work with other brands and companies that share our commitment to a truly clean and sustainable environment. We don’t pollute, we improve and keeping our environment sustainable and pure is part of what makes the Illya Shpetrik brand so special and unique.